Twist and Shout

The Beatles song Twist and Shout was adapted for Albion use at the first Supporters Club beech party at Arbroath in the 1980’s, things were kicked of on the road to Arbroath with Salt N Pepas cover version of the Beatles classic.



You gotta shake it up baby now,

Shake it up baby,

Twist ‘n’ shout,

Twist ‘n’ shout,

C’mom, c’mon, c’mon, baby now,

C’mon baby,

We can work it all out,

Work it all out,

You know you look so good,

Look so good,

You know you look so fine,

Look so fine,

C’mon, c’mon, c’mon, Stirling now,

C’mon Stirling,

Give us eight or nine,

Give us eight or nine,

I said ah, ah, ah, ah,

Albionies, Albionies, away, away, away.