History of Rave On!

Rave On! Fanzine

As most of you will know Rave On! was the Stirling Albion fanzine that was produced in the early 1990’s by the supporters. The two main editors of the Fanzine were Kevin Croal and Stewart MacIntyre they produced a superb Fanzine that run for several seasons.

Rave On! in the 2000’s


The Fanzine has been seen a few times since it the original run finished but it has had no major presence within the Albion support for several years. It was reintroduced around 2005/6 to run the Dream Team competition in partnership with the then unofficial website (and only Albion site) stirlingalbion.com run by James Smith since then we have tried a few times to bring back a electronic version of the Fanzine and a few years ago we tried to use this as part of the Supporters Club as their newsletter but at that time the campaign to buy Stirling Albion was launched and time to edit and get people involved was difficult to find.

Once the club was secured under fan ownership and since we had a superb unofficial website and forum, thanks to Paul Clements and Deena Mobbs their Redweb site provided match reports and photos from most of our away games. In recent years Paul and Deena were looking to hang up their note pad and camera they had done this but decided to keep the forum side of Redweb stay and at the start of the 2014/15 season Paul made the announcement that both himself and Deena were wanting to fully retire from Albion duty and with that the Redweb forum was going to close. Think both Paul and Deena deserve the time off to go around the country in their camper-van after they provided one of the best unofficial Stirling Albion websites we have had. The photos and match reports were brilliant and definitely helped those fans who couldn’t make a game. Thanks to the Redweb team for their hard work over the years.

Rave On! – 2014

With Redweb deciding that it was time to pass on the baton of Albion forum over to another person I stepped up and offered to take on the running of the forum, and before we opened our doors, I decided to let the people that count (you guys, the Supporters) decide on the name of the new forums. Several suggestions were made but the Rave On! name kind of stuck due to it being used previously as the Fanzine name, but the big reason I felt moved to use Rave On! was thanks to Stewart MacIntyre’s suggestion of using the Rave On! name as a tribute to the original editor of the Fanzine Kevin Croal, a long standing Albion supporter and one of the best people I have known. Well, Kevin here we are, Rave On! Hope you would have liked the new site.

Now we were originally going to be just the Unofficial forums for Stirling Albion, that was the plan back in August when Rave On! returned, now we have a website, calls for merchandise and a desire to build a online community for everyone associated with Stirling Albion.

Not much else to say just now other than Rave On!