Supporters Trust

The Stirling Albion Supporters Trust was launched in 2002 by a small group of supporters who had concerns about the increasing debt that Stirling Albion FC were accumulating each year, the Trust continually tried to engage with the Directors of the Club but their offers of assistance failed to come to fruition. The Trust continued their efforts in trying to help the Club indirectly by raising awareness of Stirling Albion FC in the local community.

The Trust finally got a break as the opportunity to help the club had arisen when the match day programme editorial position became vacant, the Supporters Trust put forward their proposal to take over the production of the match day programme and this offer of assistance was approved by the board of the Club.

Between 2007 and 2009 there were several concerns relating to the future of Stirling Albion FC as owner Peter McKenzie has hinted that he would like to sell the club, throughout this period of time there was increasing concern and a lack of interested parties to take over the Club.

The Supporters Trust realised that without any action Stirling Albion FC could cease to exist so the trust along with the Supporters Club, Young Reds and Redweb got together and in May 2009 launched the ambitious campaign “Buy Stirling Albion” the campaign run until July 2nd 2010 it was announced that Peter McKenzie had agreed to sell his share of Stirling Albion FC to the Supporters Trust. With this deal happening Stirling Albion FC became the UK’s first professional league club to be owned and run by the Supporters.

Now the Supporters Trust has moved on from its goal of buying the club to running the club and making sure that its future is secure.