Supporters Bus

The Supporters Club’s main role is to provide transport to away games for the Supporters. They aim to run a bus to every away game of the season, but there are a few games where its not possible to run a bus due to costs involved or if the game is midweek then its down to the required departure times to arrive in time for the match.

Bus Times for 2015/16


(Information subject to change!)


Members of the Supporters Club have priority allocation for seats however for most games there will be seats available to non-members.

If there are games where it is clear that the bus will be full the Supporters Club will work to get information on exactly how many members are going on the bus and if there are spaces available they will be then offered to non-members, if this is to happen Rave On! will publicise that the demand for seats will be high and we will announce if there will be any spaces available.