Recent Downtime

The recent down time was planned only to be a over night session to move over to a new hosting company after our old one announced that it would be closing down.

We picked Name Cheap to host our sites as the offered to do the full migration process for us, the move went well and was completed yesterday morning with the only thing needing sorted out was the DNS records for the site I had to redirect them to the new server, this was done at 1000 yesterday morning and worked for all our other domains and sites however Rave On! even though redirected never went live again, this was at first put down to a slow DNS change over as it can take up to 24 hours in some cases and in rarer ones it can take longer.

With no success in getting the site back up overnight yesterday evening we left things in the hands of the support team at Name Cheap, they have since found that there was a error at their end with part of the DNS change, even though it was showing up as complete there was a missing file on their servers.

Sorry for the downtime we are now back though.