1966: Stirling Albion tour Japan

Stirling Albion made history back in 1966 by being the first British Club to play in Japan. Next year Stirling Albion are looking to celebrate the anniversary of the clubs tour of Japan and they are needing help to get in touch with members of the squad that went over. So if you know the following players and officials please get in touch with the club.

Billy Cunningham,
Bobby Dickson,
David Grant,
Henry Hall,
John McGuinness,
Danny McKinnon,
John Orr,
Billy Reid,
Drew Rogerson,
Jim Symington,
Bill Taylor,
Les Thomson,
Jim Kerray,

Hugh Allan was trainer
It would be great to hear from as many of these players as possible. So if you know them send a email to the club at: office@stirlingalbionfc.co.uk
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