Rave On! 2015/16 Awards

Welcome back to Rave On for the 2015/16 season, first off not a lot has changed here just some wee bits behind the scenes at the moment, however we have a new feature we are going to run this season and it is all part of our aim to be the voice of all Stirling Albion supporters we are launching a few awards for this season. These will be:

Rave On! Player of the Year

The Rave On! Player of the Year will be decided by public votes over the course of the season, as after each match we will hold a poll after each game this season where supporters can vote for their Man of the Match.

The poll will be open here on the main Rave On! site to allow all Stirling Albion supporters to vote for their Man of the Match after each game. You will be able to cast your vote from Saturday evening (or as soon as possible after full time of any game) and will remain open for 5 days closing, (this means votes for Saturday games will close on a Thursday at 2330)

How the voting for Player of the Year will work, simple after each Man of the Match vote closes we will take the list and award points to the players and from this we can easily rank them and hopefully over the season this makes the decision of the Rave On! Player of the Year a fair decision. If at the end of the season we have a tie between two or more players we will hold a special poll to decide who contributed most to the 2015/16 season.

We will also announce the player voted as Man of the Match after each vote.

Rave On! Young Player of the Year

Much the same as the Player of the year award it will be a public vote, however as it is the Young Player of the Year his award is for any of our young players aged 21 and under at the start of the season.

Rave On! Goal of the Season

The Rave On! Goal of the Season award will be nomination based and we will accept nominations throughout the season and dependant on the number of nominations we have we hope to have a public vote towards the end of the season.

Rave On! Welly Boot Award

This award is a little bit of a silly award and well ANYONE within the Stirling Albion family can be awarded it from, players, club officials and supporters essentially this award is for fun and will go to whoever makes them self look a little silly (ok a lot silly) there is always at least on incident a season, from a over zealous goal celebration to a supporter having a wee mishap with his seat or even a club official making a wee gaff. I’m sure we will have some sort of embarrassing incident for someone over the course of the season.


The awards will be presented at the Stirling Albion Supporters Club Player of the Year event, all we need now is for the season to start on Saturday where we will be opening to first poll of the season.