Stirling Albion Supporters Club AGM

Stirling Albion Supporters Club held their Annual General Meeting on Friday evening in the Boardroom at Forthbank Stadium.

Membership Report

In the 2014/15 season Stirling Albion Supporters Club had 67 members and this consisted of:

  • 48 Adult Memberships
  • 11 Concession Memberships
  • 1 Family Membership
  • 3 Free Memberships


The Supporters Club finances are very healthy and over the 2014/15 season the supporters club and over the course of the season has received over £2200 in bus fares and from the Supporters Club lottery have raised nearly £10,000 to help with financing the Supporters Bus.

The Supporters Club has also paid out nearly £5,000 through the Supporters Club Lottery and the costs of putting on the buses has been over £6,500.

Over the 2014/15 season taking into account all the other expenses and income of the Supporters Club it has made a small profit of £636.

Supporters Bar

The Supporters Bar has once again been very successful this season and has managed to raise £5,000 for Stirling Albion Football Club. It has been agreed that there will be some more advertising of the Bar and possibly more after game events held, other than that there will be no changes to the prices for season 2015/16.

Change to Supporters Club Constitution

The Supporters Club has also made two changes to the Constitution of the Supporters Club these were:

  • Treasurer role is closed and the Secretary will now take on the duties of Treasurer as well as the Secretarial duties.
  • A new position has been created and this is for a Honorary President of the Supporters Club.

Supporters Bus Review

Over the course of the 2014/15 season the Supporters Club has organised 16 buses (14 for league matches and 2 for cup matches against Hurlford and Elgin).

The Supporters Bus review is based on the buses for all league games.

At the start of the season the Supporters Club had planned to run a bus to 16 of the possible 18 away trips, as running a bus to Stenhousemuir would not be financially viable for the Supporters Club.

There were two games where buses were cancelled (Brechin on 08/11/2014 and Morton on 07/02/2015).

Over the course of the season there were 5 buses that made a loss totalling £142 and the other 11 buses made a profit of £429 this gave the Supporters Club a £287 profit over the course of the season.

Supporters Buses for 2015/16 Season

The Supporters Club will run a bus to 14 away games next season. The only games there will not be any bus for are Clyde and East Stirlingshire as it is not financially viable.

The following table details the times and fares agreed (please note these are subject to change)


Gambino Sponsorship

Stirling Albion Supporters Club has been sponsoring the Gambinos Football Club and Academy from Mandinaril VIliage in the Gambia for the past three seasons, with £250 each season. The Supporters Club received a letter of thanks and appreciation from the manager of the Gambinos, Ebrima Soul Ceesay.

During the 2014/15 season the Gambinos has taken part in four different competitions at different levels. The senior side has reached the Semi-Finals of one of the larger competitions in their region and in one of the local competitions have reached the Finals only to be defeated in penalties. The Under 15 team has been very successful they have won the league title in 2013/14 and defended it this season (2014/15) The Under 12’s are also progressing well.

Plans for the 2015/16 season are to start up a Under 10’s squad but this is proving difficult to arrange kit for the squad. The Gambinos continue to plan to take part in the various competitions next season.

The Stirling Albion Supporters Club sponsorship has been key in helping fund the academy for the Gambinos but the sponsorship has also helped provide education for some of the players as well as provide medicines and it helps to fund training the young coaches with the Gambinos.

The Supporters Club agreed to further continue our Sponsorship of the Gambinos this season.

Election to Supporters Club Board

With the changes to the constitution where the Treasurers role has been closed this was decided upon when Club Treasurer Brycie Morgan announced his retirement from the role.

The Supporters Club has elected to keep the same board this season. Therefore the positions are:

  • Chairman – Jimmy Watson
  • Secretary – Stef Torrance
  • Membership & Social Convenor – John Buchan
  • Supporters Bar Administrator – Lynn Watson