Stirling Albion Supporters Trust AGM

This evening Stirling Albion Supporters Trust held their Annual General Meeting at Forthbank this evening. This AGM was for the period of June 1, 2013 to May 31, 2014.

The reason for the delay in calling the AGM was down to the Trust’s auditors requiring to assure consistency between both the Stirling Albion Football Club accounts and the Clubs owners the Supporters Trust accounts.

There were 347 members of the Trust.


The finances for both the Trust and Football Club are healthy and each year the over all debt is decreasing.

The decrease in the debt has been helped by some of the people who provided loans to the Trust to allow them to buy the club agreeing to convert their loans into shareholdings of the club, with over £60,000 being eliminated from the Trust debt. It is important to stress however even though there has been a sale of shares in Stirling Albion Football Club this has not effected the Trusts position as majority share holder.

There may also be a future share release to Trust Members however this is at an early stage and it isn’t possible to provide much more information at this time.

Trust Board Election

The Stirling Albion Trust Board held its Elections for vacant positions. There were three members of the board standing down they were Graham Douglas, David McFarlane and David Ogilvie they were not seeking re-election to the board. Matthew Hollingworth and Neil Emslie were retiring by rotation but seeking to be re-elected to the board.

There were two new Trust Members elected to the board they were Phil Cavanagh and James Stewart. The current Trust Board has 9 members they are:

  • Alan Christie
  • Paul Cavanagh
  • Neil Emslie
  • Matthew Hollingworth
  • Neil Robertson
  • Nelson Robertson
  • James Smith
  • James Stewart
  • Jim Thomson

Albion Lottery

The Albion Lottery still remains to be a successful venture for the Trust even though there have been decreases in the number of agents selling the lottery. The Trust however are appealing for people to help out promote the lottery more and if they have free time to assist with the running of the lottery. If you can spare sometime or want to know more please get in touch at and we will pass your details on.

Stirling Albion FC

Stuart Brown gave a brief summery of the recent goings on at Forthbank and that there are two signings that have happened but due to confidentiality no more information can be released at the moment, there are also a further two signings that are expected to happen soon, with several other deals in progress.

On questioning about clarification about the recent structural changes at the club Stuart Brown clarified the reasons behind the changes and that all parties concerned were consulted.

The relationship between the Club Executive Board, Trust Board and Trust Members was then questioned if it was a suitable arrangement. It is felt by the Trust that things are appropriate this time however if any member has a concern over any aspect of how the Club or Trust is run they can petition members to call for a Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) for one to go ahead there must be at least a 10% support for it within the membership.

Communication Issues

There has been several communication issues over recent months with the Trust, these are being looked at and Rave On! has offered to help in any way that we can to make it easier for people to know what the Trust do and get information out to Trust members.

The Trust also plan to link up with the Stirling Albion FC official site to help provide a more direct form of link up between Club and Trust. It is hoped that this will further aid communication with all Stirling Albion supporters.

Rave On! View

We understand this is a very brief summery of the main points of tonight’s meeting we can’t really go into too much detail however we will bring you all the latest updates when we get them.