Colours of our Scarves

The Colours  of Our Scarves display was at Forthbank today, Colours of Our Scarves is part of Supporters Direct Scotland Anti Sectarian programme the photographs that made up the display taken by world renowned photographer Stuart Roy Clarke who has travelled around the Scottish football grounds capturing the passion, excitement, the euphoric highs and the utterly depressing lows of the supporters, he has captured these moments in a superb way and each image tells its own story.

Stuart Roy Clarke has managed to even capture a few Binos in his photos.


John Buchan has finally found fame while playing his beloved guitar.

John Buchan with young Binos, Heather (left) and Kirsty (right) and the photo capturing John playing the guitar. Thanks to John Buchan for the photo.


Colours of Our Scarves is supported by several clubs throughout Scotland including Stirling Albion and Stranraer, the exhibition is set to travel around the participating clubs and you can get more information from their site, Scottish Fans so why not check it out.

More Images of the Exhibition


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